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Home & Away Stars & their Baby debuts


They may not be the leading stars in the hit Australian drama TV show Home & Away any more, but these famous Aussie’s are sending us all into awe this year with these popular weekly magazine covers introducing us to their new bundles of joy.


Back on the 2nd of March this year, Jodi Gordon & husband Braith Anasta gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Aleeia. Woman’s Day released an issue on the 17th March 2014 featuring the couple with their new baby girl on the cover.

Woman’s day reported that Jodi Gordon admitted she felt like she was in a movie when her gorgeous baby daughter decided to ignore the script that doctors had given her and arrive 11 days early. “It really did feel like I was in a film,” says Jodi, 29. “It was so exciting. It was everything I thought it would be.”

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The 29th September issue of New Idea this year featured Hubby Dan Ewing and his adorable baby boy Archer Grason Ewing who was born on September 5th. Ewing and wife Marni were overwhelmed after having an emergency caesarean, following a very difficult 27 hour long labour to deliver their baby boy.

Although the delivery had complications, and Archer already being overdue by 6 days, both parents held up a strong face. “He only had one artery in his umbilical cord instead of two and they didn’t want the pregnancy to go any longer because of the risks involved,” explains Marni to New Idea magazine. Dan Ewing told the magazine “I was in awe. Watching a mother go through such pain and emotion to bring her child into the world safely, it’s an amazing thing,”


This weeks issue of Who magazine dated 6th October, featured the proud new mum Kate Ritchie introducing us to her baby girl Mae who graced the world on the 17th August. Ritchie and husband Stuart Webb had decorated Mae’s nursery in neutral colours before the birth, as it remained a mystery which sex she would give birth to.

After bringing her newborn home Ritchie told Who magazine “There were a few tears. I think I sobbed for a week, in a good way! Stuart kept saying, ‘What’s wrong?’ I just kept saying, ‘I’m so happy,'” says the star, who plans to return to the airwaves on October 6, seven weeks after giving birth.

Dont you think these three bundles of joy are just adorable? Tammin Sursock, another former Home & Away star also gave birth to a baby boy this year, along with the heart breaking story of H&A star Ada Nicodemu going full term in her pregnancy of her second child, and sadly giving birth to a still born.

I wonder which Home & Away star will be next, maybe another one for Bec Cartwright & Leyton Hewitt, or maybe Chris Hemsworth & his wife will extend there family. Guess we will have to wait and see!

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