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The New Royals – Women Who Reign


It seems like the latest trend for publications is to provide their loyal readers with a range of different covers to choose from and W magazine has followed suit, by publishing 6 stunning covers for their latest issue.

The latest issue from W magazine dubbed “The New Royals” asks its readers, “What is royalty in this day and age? Is it, to paraphrase Lorde’s hit song “Royals,” a lofty attitude that demands diamonds on your Rolex? Or is it something more impressive: status that can be earned through talent and hard work? Although royalty is obviously still achieved through lineage, a title alone isn’t enough to make W’s list.”



For the issue 12 stand-out females have been chosen to represent different worlds or society, fashion and show business in the issue.Inside the Royal issue, W magazine features the Hollywood stars Joan Rivers, Kirsten Wig and Ellen Page that have taken the show-biz reign. Along with the crowned supermodel models of the fashion industry Naomi Campbell and Cara Delevingne.



Spoken like the true royal she is Grace Kelly’s grand-daughter

Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco who is fifth in-line to the thrown has been married to comedian Gad Elmaleh since 2011 has taken the fashion world by storm known for her flawless classic style. Casiraghi is not just known for her royal links the 28 year old is also the new face of Gucci Cosmetics.

Casiraghi founded the publication Ever Manifesto which aims to have sustainability in fashion, “I haven’t been as conscious as I should have been,” Casiraghi told W magazine “We want to publish when we have something to say or people to support.” Spoken like a true royal…


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