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Ryan Gosling – Renegade Collective’s first male only cover!

Ryan Gosling + handwritten cover lines + a pink masthead, definitely a winning cover for me! And by the looks of it, I’m not the only one who feels this way…

Renegade Collective has never had a male only cover before, editor Lisa Messenger admits that she “only knew Ryan as the big heartthrob,” and that “when I dug deeper, I realised that he’s actually quite multilayered and talented beyond his good looks.” The current issue is flying off the shelves and in many cases, sold out! The Collective Hub have urged their Facebook readers to “pass on some positive encouragement to your stockists to re-order”.

Jessica Wells, Renegade Collective’s talented designer and illustrator is responsible for the beautiful hand lettering featured on the current issue and many of the most recent covers and inside spreads. Below is a selection of my favorite designs!




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